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Mur de briques rouillées

House is a frame with an elegant and warm line. Its shape reminiscent of a house is perfectly balanced


Home is a small round that enhances the look thanks to its upper pointed shape


Arcade is a rectangular frame with a contemporary style. Its design is a nod to vintage video game terminals.


Blacklab is a round shape energized by a straight line on the eyebrow, sober but thick and assertive


Tribord is a round and asymmetrical frame, for dreamy minds off the trail!


Babord is a rectangular and asymmetrical frame, for offbeat minds!


Léa is a frame with a committed personality, its thick and rounded line is structured by a set of horizontal lines engraved on the surface.


Sonia is made to enlarge the eyes, with her beautiful balanced size she highlights it!


Stan is a large masculine frame, with a modern and dynamic line, enhanced by a subtle matt / shiny contrast.


Florian bears the first name of his first bearer. With its very straight upper line, its thickness, it exudes self-confidence, sprinkled with humor!


A scar splits J-scar from top to bottom to introduce a work of material between brushed and shiny. All in a square shape with a nice look.


A scar splits O-scar from top to bottom to introduce a work of material between brushed and shiny. All in a round and distinctive shape. 


Squarro is a small frame with an incredible fishing induced by a subtle play of thicknesses.


Capsymétrik will captivate you with its asymmetrical design, for a non-linear personality.


Arsène is a simple and clean design that expresses a certain malice.


Izno is a generous sized frame , with an oriental flair in its eyebrow line, which gives it its originality.


All round, Cyclo is timeless  and  a little nerd!


Carved with a ruler on a round base, Réglo dances between characters  and sweetness ...


A line inspired by the sensuality of a lip, lip embodies softness  of a

French Kiss 


Our interpretation of the rhombus which connects intuitively to the figure  of the Joker, the games in the thick  give him  his touch of madness


Isa, from the first name of its first carrier, is a large, soft and balanced frame, which leaves plenty of room for your eyes.


Val, also of the first name of its first carrier, frames and structures the face. Its large size and finesse will enhance your eyes.


A vintage line with art-deco airs, a frank thickness for a model of character. 


Auriol, named after an illustrious local character, takes up  and vitamin the classic lines of the panthos model 


A round, strong and airy frame  at a time. Its design recalls the mischievous air of  nautilus, which inspired Jules Vernes.


The cousin of the Caps model, the style is radicalized  through   the  double bridge!

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Kite is our interpretation of the pilot form, monument in  the history of the bezel.

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Alexandrine is a large frame, smiling, to wear over-size ... 

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Adopted for the first time by a certain Joëlle.

Its cut, by its beautiful shapes, expresses the generosity    

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Its openwork bridge disturbs and creates a spark on this timeless circle, which is therefore meant to be intellectual but not too much 


Hypnotic and feminine, with her openwork nose and fluttering air,  ideal for small faces.

IMG_4439 2.heic

design from the first frame created in 2012, irresistible little round with its spade nose

IMG_4438 3.heic

Worn for the first time by a certain Sandrine. Bold and spontaneous

IMG_4434 2_edited_edited.jpg

Its very contemporary nut shape gives it a Cartesian softness

IMG_4437 2_edited.jpg

Originally made to measure for a certain Tony. Round energized by a broken line

IMG_4433 2_edited.jpg

Its line inspired by a beer capsule gives it a strangely spiritual air

IMG_4432 3.heic

Named after its first carrier, Klein is feminine, assertive thanks to the thickness of her line.

IMG_4429 3.JPG

Fly is an advantageous and seductive frame, butterfly and a bit feline.

IMG_4442 2_edited_edited.jpg

Sultan is our version of the "aviator" design. Its lines express wisdom, humor and harmony

IMG_4441 2_edited.jpg

Worn initially by a certain Patrice. Its finesse and proportions express the right balance

IMG_4436 2_edited.jpg

Jeff is the diminutive of its first bearer. Its broken line gives it a go-getter and assertive character

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