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  Marine and Romain, two opticians with overflowing creativity, opened their first eyewear boutique in 2012. There, they created bespoke frames, with their own hands, for the beautiful eyes of their customers.

Their first La Brique et la Violette collection is the result of years of passion, encounters and experiences.


LaBriqueEtLaViolette_Serie1_ (17 sur 28)
Creating and manufacturing frames drawn on a thread between originality, humor and elegance, inspired by the people, characters and colors of our region, such is our daily life.

Our production is made on site, only to order, with no huge stocks doomed to be wasted. Eliminating waste is the basis of a responsible approach.
 Made means cut, machined, sanded, polished, riveted, filed, fitted ..., and not just packaged. More than 40 steps are necessary to make a frame.

Brick and La Violette signify craftsmanship. Every day the members of the team take care of making your mounts.

All frames are made from homegrown cellulose acetate  MAZUCCHELLi, 100% from their Italian production.
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